Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Puyallup Herald Features Puyallup's Community Garden

Please click HERE to view the wonderful article by Joan Cronk on our wonderful garden, published this past June!

Now that our growing season is coming to an end, many of us are pulling our plants up, covering our ground, or perhaps starting to think about a winter cover crop to plant.

If you have ideas on how to develop the garden further, make the place more beautiful, or feel more a part of the garden community, feel free to contact Kathy by emailing puyallup.community.garden@gmail.com (link is also at the top right corner of this blog).

This is a shameless plug, I know, but here are some links that were written for The Melon Online about local gardening and Farmer's Markets that you might find interesting:

Puyallup Farmer's Market

The Art of Eating Locally

Thanks to all the wonderful people who cultivated their plot.

Let's continue to Live, Learn, and Grow Green.

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Barb Pemberton said...

As we start the new season, there may be some confusion over who has what plot. I see that the plots on the left (10x20) will be divided, and there is not an easy way to reserve plots. If anyone knows what is going on for the 2009 growing season, could you let me know. Thanks. bp #7 pea patch. Is Kelly coming back this year???