Monday, May 12, 2008

The Puyallup Community Blog is finally up and running! Members can now post items on here, such as growing tips, issues they are having, and gardening events amongst numerous other things.

If you have a plot at Puyallup's Community Garden, and you would like to post here on this blog, please email and let Jen know you would like to contribute to this thread.

If you have ideas for the blog, or would like to advertise your organic garden or store with us, please email the above gmail address.

A few people have already planted this season, including myself (Jen). Yesterday I spent a few hours hunched over, pulling weeds, digging holes, and then planting my tomatos, basil, and parsley. I noticed that a lot of the plots seemed rather dry, so all of us may need to check our spots regularly until the plants can shoot their roots further down.

~Jen D.

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